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Not-so-heavy, happy old man

I finally dropped the bucks for a .75 Link Cam. It's really hard to argue against the utility of the size .75 since it actually weighs a tad less than a .75 Camalot, yet has substantially more range - I suppose the only drawback is that it is 4kn weaker, though 10kn should cover most "screamers" out there (don't hear of too many 10kn chocks failing). I'd still go with a "standard" (e.g., Dragons, C4s) first set of cams, but would recommend serious consideration of Link Cams as your second (or third) set, where sizes overlap (no BIG Link Cams yet). Off to the seedy part of the city to engage in nefarious activities to earn enough dough to cover my purchase, and hopefully enough to cover another LC in the near future - it's worth it...