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Gear Review

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Not properly sized for I-Phone

I really like the product. I really do. The ziplock seal is heavy duty...the plastic is durable, but allows you to use a device through it (i.e. you can type on your iphone while it's in the bag).

The Small (4x6) is supposed to be iPhone sized, but it isn't. It's about 1/4-1/2" too tight to fit comfortably. Once the phone is in, you're fine...but it's really hard to get the phone in or out. Add the sticky plastic of the case to the situation, and it's just not a well-functioning piece of gear.

The next size up is WAAAAAAYYYYYYY too big for iPhone use.

So I'd give it a 5 stars, if it fits your phone, and a 3 stars rating as an iPhone bag.