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Gear Review

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Not more than a piece of junk

I got this in SAC on one of those special days of extra discounts. I snapped it up without reading any review. However I went through some of the youtube reviews when the item was being shipped. A few things to note are that the battery does not hold the charge overnight, gets charged only a little even after keeping it outside in bright daylight. I wanted to test it myself once I receive it. The result was exactly the same as the youtube review. If a Solar charger cannot get charged even after keeping it under the Sun in Texas on a day with clear sky and bright daylight, cannot hold whatever charge it gained over the day till the midnight of that day, I think its not more than a piece of junk. I returned it within a week and ended up paying for return shipment.
I wish I could have given no star but I am not sure if no star have any impact on the overall rating. So giving one star.