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Not impressed

Everything about the pack is nice - except for the ski carry system.Pros - It sits on your back nicely, I like the helmet carry, ice tool carry is good, the pockets are nice, and the avy pocket is easily assessable.Cons - The ski carry system on this pack is absolutely horrific. I have trouble even imagining what Black Diamond was thinking when they designed the monstrosity. Sure, the pack does other things just fine, but the reason I bought this pack was to have a pack with a diagonal ski carry system (it will do A-frame just fine). The reason the ski carry doesn't work is because the skis are at about a 45 degree angle and sway a ton. The top attachment strap for the skis is too low on the pack and/or too short. No matter how I had the two ski carry straps adjusted the pack could not adequately carry skis - and I tried a few pairs.

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Why are you saying it's a design because it won't do what you bought it for (carry skis at a *45) which it wasn't designed to do.

It was designed to carry skis A-framed (which you say it does nicely).

So what gives? Sounds like a pretty amazing pack to me. (As I have the first model that came out a few years back.)

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I agree. I have this pack and I find the diagonal ski carry to be awkward. The skis sway excessively when hiking. The ski carry is inferior to the previous pack I had, the Dakine Heli Pro.

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I agree with sco3319617 it isn't a bad design and it is an amazing pack period.