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Not for wet weather!

I've used this tent for a total of 11 nights. It's a perfect pack size and weight, even better than I expected. Each time it has taken care of 2 adults and 1 medium sized dog very well. put it up is a pain! (I have the 2007 model). One person has to crawl inside the 'envelope' while the other passes in one of the poles. It's not fun in bad weather. But my primary criticism is that it's just not dry. I spent a night in the Lost Creek Wilderness where we could actually watch the spray blow through the tent with our headlamps. Last year I spent 4 nights in the West Elk Wilderness. I don't know if it kept the rain out, but we could sit in the tent and watch the condensation roll off the inside walls...every night. It did work well a couple of nights in Grand Gulch...with no rain and a humidity of about 10%. It works great in the desert (if you can get it put up). Don't use it where it is wet!!!

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I strongly disagree.

I also have the tent that you have, the previous yellow model. However your review is pointless because the fabric of the tent has changed. It's like writing a review for a car and basing that review on the old model. I think you should retract it and if then post correctly. There is nothing wrong with fair criticism, but this is clearly not fair criticism.

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I also strongly disagree... I live in Washington (a tad rainy up here) and love this tent... you need to vent it obvs since it's single wall and did you fail to seam seal it? Also, the fabric has changed since 2007 to a more breathable fabric (I too have the yellow version, btw).