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Gear Review

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Not for my feet

First let my say that if these boots fit me they would be absolutely incredible. Unfortunately they do not. I took them out on a small hike when I got them to break them in and they seemed fine, although the heel wire sat a little uncomfortably against my foot. On the second hike (10+) miles I got a blister on each foot in the same spot (upper heel) . I tried every configuration of insole and lacing that I could imagine but nothing seemed to alleviate the pain. I did notice that on the descent and on flat ground they didn't seem to bother me. Too bad there aren't more hikes where I don't have to go up :). I would highly recommend getting these at a store where you can try them on if you are going to pay full price for them anyway. Otherwise it is probably worth the risk of them not fitting to get a boot of this caliber on sale. The boots have plenty of support and the waterproofing seemed superb. I can not speak on the long term durability of the boots because I only had them for a week.