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Not for full day touring.

I bought the Kode 22 and used it for 2 days backcountry skiing. For me this pack is too small.
The zipper only zips open halfway which makes it hard to get to the bottom of the pack.
With some food a puffy and some gloves in the pack I had to strap my shell to the outside of the pack.
Storing skins in the front pocket is crappy since theres just not enough room in it.
Dont expect too carry much gear in this pack.
Go with the Kode 30 and stay away from the 22!

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No offense intended, but the fact that you clearly bought the wrong pack for your needs doesn't really warrant a poor score.

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I used the pack for 2 single days returning to a hut in the afternoon so I just had stuff for the day. Anyways, too small for me.
Doesnt Osprey advertise this as a backcountry pack?? They do.

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I agree with you dave, I upgraded this year from an osprey switch 18 to the 2013/ 2014 kode 22. I thought the 22 would have about the same carrying capacity since it is a larger size (22 vs 18). THIS PACK IS MUCH SMALLER COMPARED TO THE OLD SWITCH 18 THOUGH!!!!

I have gotten to use it about 12 short hikes (top of lift to ridgeline). I too was unable to carry my shell inside of the pack, as the main compartment only had enough room for my mittens, goggles, and baklava. With the switch 18, I could put my coat, goggles, mittens, water bottle and helmet inside.

Also, I used this pack about 12 times and the rear entry zipper became detached and then split while I was hiking.... I would have lost my gear if the person behind me hadnt grabbed it. I am returning it and opting for a larger size, hopefully it will be a better fit.