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Not for a bad weather day

I took the Assault 2 the the Cascades and camped at the snow during summertime. I sleeped alone at the tent and left the front window open to avoid condensation but while it rained outside with wind, water would get through the back window zipers and stichings (that on the first week of usage, the tent was new). Me and my gear got wet, alltough neither the rain or the wind were strong they last the whole night.
I got wet and that is defnetly not a shelter I would like to have once again in the montain. It would work great if the weather is dry or very light rain, but if weather changes, than you are in trouble.
I was not happy with its performance.
But on the positive side, if you have clear weather the tent is incredibly small, light and holds well against wind. It is a good tent, but not ready to face days in a row of bad weather.

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No 4th-Season tent, no matter the brand, can hold up to rain. I use my MHW Lightpath 3 for all early spring snow camping and early winter trips.

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I just returned from a 5 day sea kayaking trip in the Puget Sound, with 4 out of the 5 days having rain (one with 30 to 40 mph winds and sideways rain), and my old Bibler Eldorado tent didn't leak a drop.