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Not designed for rainy weather, folks...

I just feel like a clarification is needed here: the BD "_____light" tents are NOT NOT NOT designed for extended periods of rain or, really, any rain at all. They are superlight, supercramped bivy tents for high altitude alpine climbs where the only precip you'll get is snow, usually quite dry snow.

BD clearly states that the EPIC fabric is water resistant, not water proof. Don't be pissed at BD because you got all excited to go "ultralight", found a 3 pound tent, and then got wet because you didn't do your homework. These tents work perfectly for the narrow usage range for which they were designed; all the big boys and girls use them on their horror show climbs in the great ranges around the world. But none of them would take these tents backpacking with even the slightest chance of rain.

Read the fine print folks, lest you broadcast your foolishness across the web...

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I completely agree. I've used another make of the same brand of tent made of the same fabric (Epic) for over two years - in an area where rain and relatively high humidity are a frequent occurrence. I've learned to accept the condensation issue - having only once encountered this on a level any more than merely annoying - but I wouldn't trade my tent for anything. These tents are well made and the weight is a major asset. As with anything, there are tradeoffs. If you need perfection at this price-point and weight, good luck.

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I agree! But Ihave a way older one which is a bibler which is way waterproof and has very good ventalation. If you want a waterproof tent buy a bibler tent!

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This tent is not made with "Epic material" it uses "Nanoshield" which is more waterproof. Btw I never had problems with Epic on my Skylight tent. It was not bad at all in the rain.

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Have been using the older EPIC fabric version of this tent for 6 seasons of non-winter backpacking in the relatively dry Rocky Mtns climate, i.e. typically infrequent, brief rain storms. It has kept me dry! I can recall only a couple of times when condensation built up inside, which was after unusual longer periods of rain; I opened the front flap as far as I could to ventilate while still keeping out rain. I love the light weight, simple easy to pitch design, and room (I'm only 5'5" but 2 medium dogs share the tent with me)relative to the tiny double-walled backpack tents I used prior to this one. Cons: 1) fabric is somewhat fragile, however; have had to repair small rip in floor (thorns) and large rip in door no-see-um netting (dang dogs!); 2) chilly/drafty in cold wind, which I feel coming through walls.