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Not compatible with Smith Phenom goggles.

I have a Giro G9 and was looking for a simpler, lighter, lower profile helmet. The Shiv meets all of those characteristics, but the detachable magnetic goggle retainer is not compatible with Smith Phenom or any goggles that hook together in the middle with a plastic latch mechanism. The Mag Clip works by threading the goggle strap through the clip, so it stays on your goggles, but since the helmet is only magnetic in the back part of the middle, the part that clips my goggles straps together gets in the way. If you wear your goggles inside your helmet (or have plenty of strap to work with) this won't be an issue, but without the Mag Clip your goggle straps will slide down to your neck since the back of the helmet is smooth and there's nothing else to hold it in place. Otherwise it'd be a great helmet, but I couldn't use it.