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Not built to last.

I recently took the Squall over to Kamchatka for a ski mountaineering expedition. Was sadly disappointed in the quality of its construction. Felt happy to get a month's use out of the thing. Luckily without it being blown to smitherines in a storm.

Is it just me or has BD dropped the ball in the last few years? Seems like they are over-engineering everything, having lost sight of the more important aspects of mountain equipment..

On a more positive note, i found the size about ideal for approach/ base camps for two people and heaps of gear. With a reasonable weight.

Definitely not worth 600 dollars. IMO

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So what tent do you recommend that is under 8 pounds, has an internal height of 48" and as you stated, "without it being blown to smitherines in a storm". Seriously 2 stars? I've had this tent for over three years and it has withstood hail, wind, rain, my 120lb dog, tons of trips... what issues did you actually have? It held up on your trip but you didn't say what went wrong with the tent???