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Not bad

I've only used this bag a few times, but excited to use it more. I think '30 degree' rating is sort of pushing it (I spent two 40 degree nights in Big Sur and found myself shivering a points, but don't plan on using the bag in much colder situations than that. Its cool and light and packs pretty small. Color is great (was definitely a factor in my purchase), though the finish is much more fake rubber / plastic baggy than it looks in the pictures.

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I use this bag 3 seasons , its warm , light, packs small. In the summer I usually open it up and use it as a top quilt. It feels much better on the skin than most bags. Even though this is a mummy style bag, when your zipped up inside you can stretch around a lot, it expands quite a bit more than you would think. I have never had a moisture problem. No problem staying warm at 30 degrees but I sleep warm. It also performs well in a hammock zipped up (because it stretches) or as a top quilt.