Gear Review

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Not bad

I'm not sure if these pads are a little thicker then stock Elixr pads, but when I needed to replace my stock pads, these left almost zero clearance. My rotor is true, and I made sure my calipers were fully retracted before I installed these. They weren't so bad that they were holding the wheel, but they added a little drag to my first ride. After my second ride (~15 miles downhill total) , I had worn down enough pad that rubbing was a non- issue. It seems that they were like 1/8th of a mm too thick. Not a big deal, but don't freak out if you are getting a little rub on initial installation.

In terms of braking power, they aren't quite as good as the stock Elixr pads. Take into consideration I'm ~ 200lbs with gear and am running the Elixr 5 in the rear. Still ample braking power, and the price is right.