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Gear Review

4 5

Not bad for the price

I found these on Whiskey Militia for a pretty great deal and decided to snag them.
They sound pretty adequate, if not a little hollow. The bass still is deep, but depending on the song, can be a little fuzzy.
They're really light, and the built-in mic works great for talking on the phone.

My only gripes are that after a while, they start pressing around my ears and that gets a little annoying. I wish the parts that went over your ear swiveled to fit more comfortably. The chord is also really thin and unfortunately- irreplaceable, so treat your cords well!
Just to put it in perspective- As a gearhead at backcountry, we sit with headphones on for about 8 hours a day... at about hour 5, my head starts hurting from the headphones

All in all, these are decent headphones. For the price it will be hard to beat in sound quality, but I just wish they were built a little bit better.
4/5 stars for the Whiskey Militia price