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Not bad, but a few design flaws

Picked these up for my first gaiter, and after a full winter season I can say they did a good job but a few annoying design flaws have me contemplating an upgrade for next season. First, and most annoyingly, the top of the gaiter has a small nylon strap to tighten, but it doesn't lock and over the course of a hike will loosen and slide down your leg. Easily fixable with a cheap velcro strap from any local camp supply store, but it would have made more sense to have a self-locking strap or something similar there. Secondly, the backs of the gaiter aren't as waterproof as the front. Not a huge deal either, but after a long sloppy day you may notice more water coming through the back. For the price, you can probably find fully gore-tex ones from North Face or a similar retailer that will keep you 100% waterproof all the time.

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I think you may need to double back the top strap on the gaiter like you would a climbing harness and you will find that adjustment stays in place.

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I have to agree with Courtney Dean. I am going to be 'upgrading' these for a set of OR crocodiles.