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Gear Review

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Not an avid tourer's dream

If you're looking to go out for the first time and conquer the local mountains, I hope you're experienced in climbing or have a VERY strong body. The weight of these, in addition to perhaps not being prepared with touring boots will put you in a world of hurt on the way up which meanssss, Coming down, although these excel in durability compared to the field in cliff hucking etc, you're going to be in pain which means reduced enjoyment for what you worked to get. A nice ride down!

Listen to what most say. If you're climbing for hours, just go for a light setup (coughdynafits) the first time. The boots will save you too... If you're exploring the untracked BC 10 minutes from the top lift, get these! There's nothing to regret.

I will admit, these were nice for climbing as the pivot point was ideal and the pull back motion of the touring lever gives for a nicer balance on the skis for the ascent. The elevator bar is a bit of a pain to adjust compared to my dynafits, but hey, you shouldn't need em too much with the Duke IMO.