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Not all that much of a touring binding

Sure its a lot better then touring with a Hammerhead but put up against a Voile Switchback X2 this thing feels like a brick, its not the over all weight that kills each stride its the fact that when in tour mode it moves most of the binding to the bottom of your boot so on each stride you lift 80% of the binding this sucks on long tours.
Another problem is that to make a touring hammerhead they had to put the compression springs under the boot which makes the binding sit up higher then the hammerhead this is bad for touring putting your weight higher off the ski makes you tipper and does not ski as nice as a hammerhead and last but not least the binding rattles like crazy at the point that holds it in to ski mode, so not really sure if it shakes there when skiing or not but it just seems wrong. Oh wait one more thing getting in to tour mode is super hard to do with carbon ski pole so plan on taking the ski off to do this and use your fingers.

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how about we take david down a really steep chute and see if he still prefers his Voile Switchback X2. the voile is a nice binding but it does not compare to the downhill performance of the axl.

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Yeah, that 13 ounces is brutal.