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Not Worth The Money

Comfortable and good dexterity, but that's about it. These gloves packed out and don't keep my hands warm below 20 degrees. By the second winter, a hole developed in the finger of one glove. Contacted Hestra, sent them close-up pics of both gloves, and shipped them back per their request. That was in February. Received email from Hestra on April 26, 2011 that they will not repair or replace glove. This small hole was not from damage, but rather a defect in the leather. Hestra said that they'll send my gloves back, but as of May 18, 2011, no gloves!! Very poor customer service!

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Update:Dec 21, 2011 Just got my gloves back from Hestra after multiple requests to have them returned. Sent back the same gloves with the small hole on one glove and loose stitching on the other. Two days ago, I skied with a friend that bought these same gloves last season. He said that they don't keep his hands warm, and he has already torn a hole in the palm on one of the gloves. I'm glad they work for some people considering the price. Now where did I put that roll of duct tape?