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Not What I was Expecting

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I have been using the same pair of regular Burton Gore-Tex mitts around three to five days a year for snowboarding since 2005 and they finally bit the dust. So I purchased these thinking they would be an upgrade from the regular pair for this season, but there were noticeable differences from the gloves I received and the ones advertized.

The main reason I am returning these Mitts is because they were missing the finger dividers that I was expecting, but everything else just sealed the deal.

I still think Burton makes an amazing product, I just feel this was a quality control issue on their part.

I love Backcountry's amazing tech service and return policy, and want to thank them for all of the help that they have provided.

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1st: The leather around the glove is only on the back of the fingers and the palm of the glove, there is 1/2" nylon fabric separating the two leather parts around the sides of the fingers. But the Picture clearly shows all leather around the edges of the fingers.

2nd: The nylon wrist strap that clinches the mitt in place behind your hand (not the velcro gauntlet closure) was not there. This is vital in my opinion to keep the mitt from sliding down your hand.

3rd: The Mittens I bought in 2005 had individual finger dividers that I loved and where the only reason I considered buying a mitt in the first place. They held your fingers in place within the "pocket" that is a mitten and gave it the the functionality of a glove, minus finger separation of course, all while staying so warm that I often kept the zippered top pocket open (mine was also better located accross the large knuckle so the provided warmers would slide closer to the cold tips of your fingers where the warmth was needed). Where the Pinnacle Mitt is just a pouch for you fingers, like most standard mitts, with the top pocket further down towards the back of your hand.

4th: The liners supplied did not have the grippy texture as advertized above. They where just regular cloth liners that would still serve their main purpose well.