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Not What I expected

I hate to give a bad review on something, but I was very disappointed with this stove.

Pros: It will cook your food, and it simmers well.

Cons: Very Leaky. It leaked BAD from the control valve on the pump, and the o-rings on the quick connect kept getting torn somehow, and therefore it leaked there as well. Also, it is hard to get the fuel out of the fuel line, so when you disconnect it, an unwanted amount of fuel comes out of the hose. I do not know if I just got a bad one or something, but this is my experience. I only had it 1 week.

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Try following the instructions by flipping the bottle over before you are finished and use up all of the fuel in the line. That way, you should never have a problem. I always keep mine in the case unless it is on, and stored in a closet when not in use at home. Hope this helps.

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The leak you describe is a known problem with a certain set of serial numbers that were produced. These have officially been recalled (Google should lead you to Katadyn's recall notice). Basically there was a QC lapse and the female connection on the pump was not machined properly, leaving rough/sharp edges that can cause a leak by shredding the O-ring. COntact Katadyn about it and they will ship you a new pump if your serial number matches the recall.