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Not Waterproof!

Epic fabric is not waterproof, just as advertised. If you plan on using this tent in very rainy conditions, plan on getting wet. I live in the Northeast where inches of rainfall at one time are not uncommon. I took this tent on a two nighter, over 2 inches of rain, the tent held it for about 5 hours of downpour but after that the water started to weep through the fabric. On the second night it didn't rain as much but the fabric was already saturated from the night before so it allowed the new rain to soak through immediately. Not a reliable shelter for extended backpacking.

However, if you live somewhere where it doesn't rain that much this may be a good tent for you. Once staked/guyed-out this tent is bombproof, very sturdy! The convertible design rocks, lightweight, and packs very small with compression. Setup is standard for a single wall tent (not as easy as double wall design in my opinion). Seam sealing will take a few hours, and plan on buying an extra tube of sealant to do the job correctly.

Unfortunately for me, I'm selling this tent to someone that can use it and buying a mountain hardwear spire 2.1 instead.