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Gear Review

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Not Perfect, but Pretty Good.

I have mixed feelings about this shoe. I really like the construction. The perforated material, lining, and lack of loose strings are excellent, far better than most Evolv shoes I've used. I also was impressed by the rubber coverage on the toe and sides. This shoes edge well and is absolutely brilliant on overhanging routes.

However, there are some drawbacks. The strap closest to the toe is not very durable. It is already starting to come apart after a few weeks of use. Also, the surface of the rubber was not sanded off before leaving the factory, making the shoes very slick for the first couple of uses. However, my biggest complaint is the fit. These shoes, though they performed well, are not good for a narrow foot. Even though I went with a very tight fit, I have to pull the straps much farther than they were intended to go. . This causes the tongue to bunch up and become uncomfortable and annoying. There is almost an inch of strap sticking out from the side of my foot, just waiting to get caught on something. The toe box is also a bit too wide, and allows for too much lateral movement for my taste.

Overall, I like this shoe. It climbs very well, even though it is a bit uncomfortable. It's not perfect but I'll take it. I'll update later after a few months of use.

NOTE: Evolvs generally run a half size small. I went with a full size up from my Anasazi's, and they fit snug, but I could fit in a half size smaller, but it would be very painful.