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Not For Me

i tried. i wanted to love this ski boot. it sounds perfect and has some amazing reviews. i only ski the backcountry and after the first day i had the worst shin bang of my life in these.. as well as inner ankle rub from another planet! i don't think they have much padding on the inner ankle bone area and i suffered EVERY time i wore these. on two ocassions i took two weeks off from skiing in hopes my wounds would heal but these boots just don't fit me right. they ski well and they are stiff for sure. i was pushing k2 coombas around in them with ease. but the fit hurt me very quickly in a alpine tour. the ski to walk mode was easy enough for me to flip with gloves, no issues there once you figure out how it works. also the buckle latches sometimes prevent the buckles from falling into the actual slot. they are there for a reason but it sometimes makes it harder than necessary to get the buckle on without a lot of tension. also at 14 degree lean i felt a tad in the back seat with these. i need more forward lean options! anyway they just aren't the boot for me.

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Hi Matt,
Sorry the Radium's didn't work out for you. I'm wondering if your issues with shin bang occurred while actually skiing or if it was during the tour up. One thing that is very important when touring in this boot is to do what Paul Parker says in a review below:

"Regarding walkability, these boots have more cuff travel in walk mode than any boot we've ever built. Be sure that you loosen the power strap, flip the walk mechanism's lever up to open it, open the cuff buckles completely, and use the Easy-Lock cuff catches in the biggest notch to give you the best range of motion"

I've noticed that in tour mode if you don't loosen the power strap and open the top 2 buckles the boot feels very stiff while touring, but when you do open the buckles it has a huge range of motion and has very little pressure on your shins and hikes very well.