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North Face Let Me Down

I had a problem, my boots are about 2 months old, I was out with my family on a sleigh ride when I noticed a crack, the entire side of the boot gave way, exactly as you described, the rubber cracked exposing the inner lining, VERY poorly made. I've contacted North Face only to be told "too bad, so sad", warranty ended when I took then out of the box...not what I would have expected from a "reputable" company!

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I had my soles on a pair of Doc Marten's seperate in a similar way. They were brand new and still shiny. I squeezed some Gorrilla Glue in the split and clamped it together for two days. The soles separated again about 6 months ago after 12 years of LOTS of punk concerts and college mayhem. Give it a shot, it may work for you and you don't have a warranty to void.

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I've had a pair of these through 5 seasons with probably at least 70 miles on them snowshoeing and messing around. Mine cracked vertically last week while snowshoeing (where the toes hinges on the rubber lowers). Mine are also very used though. Hence I bought another pair.