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None too waterproof after some use

This is a pretty slick looking rain jacket, and is light with good mobility. I definitely enjoyed it at first (hence the 2 stars)!

Unfortunately, after about 10-12 months of regular use (I live in CO where is doesn't rain that much for most of the year) the thing lost its waterproofness almost entirely. I'd be OK in a very light mist, but in a heavy rain I'd look like I'd been hanging out in a hot tub with a sweater on. I tried waterproofing it but it didn't take. I think that must have been my waterproofing skills.

I checked with their warranty department, and they asked me to send it back. Once they got it, they ran some tests and said it was in perfect condition and as waterproof as it should be. Perhaps their definition of waterproof differs from what I'm used to, but I certainly wouldn't depend on this thing to stay dry. Definitely going to look into other options. Looks like another reviewer below had the same experience.

I will say that the ventilation is pretty good. I've not warn it in conditions where I've sweat a lot, but it seems like by opening the pit zips you get some good airflow, so +1 for that.

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Waterproofness means that water cannot get from the outside of the jacket to the inside. This is achieved in jackets like this by having a membrane underneath the outer fabric. This gives you a multi-layer fabric, with only one of the layers being waterproof. The outer fabric is coated with a water repellency treatment, meaning that water will bead off, but the out fabric is NOT in itself waterproof. Try washing it with Nikwax TX direct to renew the water repellency. Some water repellency finishes don't last as long and yours has probably just worn off.

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the version of this jacket that i have (2010, i think) is made of the conduit material. it definitely takes on water like james says, but my body remains dry. a lot of jackets perform just like this and wet out like you described. it is just the nature of the fabric used.