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Nondurable and Overpriced

I purchased these pants one month ago. They fit true to size and have a nice cut, but I have issues with the fabric and dye. I purchased a 30" x 30", which fits good as long as I'm careful with the dryer setting, but I would have preferred a 31" x 30" which is not available.
After wearing the pants 8 times and only 3 times in the washer, there is a gaping hole through the seat of the pants from the rivet in the left rear pocket. It is unacceptable for any pants costing $70 to fall apart so quickly, much less ones that are supposed to be designed for mountaineering. This material is not rugged or durable at all.
I also noticed that when the pants came out of the washer, they had permanent light streaks where the dye washed out in areas that the material creased during the cycle. Again, after only 3 washes I have a pair of $70 pants with a huge hole and light streaks.
I would not recommend these pants to anyone. While they are comfortable and fit great, they are not made from quality materials... and from my experience will not last. Luckily, I can return them for a refund.

Nondurable and Overpriced
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I've found that Kuhls are like most trousers in the sense that one must mind that one doesn't attempt to stuff a larger rear end into any pants then those pants are designed to contain!

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Wholeheartedly agree on the dye - I like these pants so much I keep giving them a try in hopes that the following doesn't happen...alas, it does: I have owned three pair, and they all look like acid wash jeans after one cycle in the washing machine. The first pair I bought, roughly three years ago, looked completely ridicuous - as if they actually _were_ acid washed. Ridiculous for such an expensive pair of pants.

On the flip side, each and every pair of Kuhl pants I have, around four pair of shorts, three pair of Outkasts, and two pair of Rydrs have held up phenomenally under heavy use. Sorry to hear yours tore, but I have yet to see any holes, rips or tears in any of mine. Can't complain about the quality of craft.