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Noisy Bag

I was looking for this style of drawstring-top backpack and was happy to find the Landlock. Was smaller than expected. It's pretty tall but width and depth weren't any bigger than your average backpack. I have a Dakine Duel and it's about the same size (not big enough for me). I thought at least with the top opening it would be easier to load large items than with a zipper but its too tight for my needs. The pocket on the top flap is just a small, fleece-lined sunglasses pouch so it's pretty useless to me. I would have preferred a bigger pocket that would provide easy access to things you didn't want to keep in the main compartment and have to open up to retrieve. Inside is a flat, zippered mesh pocket on the back. Side zip access to main compartment with laptop sleeve. Skate straps can be hidden; looked like it would be quite a chore to stuff them into the pockets but easier than expected. My main gripe with this bag other than size is how noisy it is. It has some type of thin padding on the front and bottom, and the padding material rubs up against the fabric and makes an annoying noise. I don't know how else to explain it other than it sounds like when you handle bubble wrap and the plastic rubs up against itself. Annoying quirk to deal with.