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Noise cancellation and Improved Intercom

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The HBC220 is new this year. It utilizes the same voice recognition and noise cancellation as the HBC120. You can be talking on the phone in 60mph winds and the person on the other end of the line can't even tell you're outside. The HBC220 gets a new improved control unit that is easier to use with gloves and a crazy new intercom feature. You can pair two HBC220 devices together and communicate hands free up to 700m apart. However you can link up to 10 people at the same time on the same intercom. The signal will bounce from one person to the next so you can have people spread out up to 1.5 miles apart and you can all communicate. It is called Multi Hop technology. The two users must be able to see each other. It will works through trees however it won't work through a mountain. If one user is one one side of the mountain, the next user is at the top of the mountain no more than 700m apart and the third user is on the other side of the mtn all 3 users can communicate due to the signal hopping from one person to the next. The device also has the ability to fix your voice in real time. If the communication gets garbled or choppy the HBC220 unit can go in and fix the signal so that the communication is always crystal clear. Developed for the military! Brought to you by Uclear! Listen to your tunes, answer a call without touching a button, communicate with other HBC220 users over intercom at great distances, and have a crystal clear conversation with the office from the top of the Tram.

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Just a note: The HBC220 does not work with the HBC120 speakers and you can not pair a HBC120 to an HBC220. Intercom only works with two or more of the same model.

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Does the noise cancellation work all of the time i.e. will the speakers reduced wind noise even when not playing music?

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The noise cancellation is when talking not when listening. It cancels out all the background noise so when you're talking on the phone or using the intercom only your voice is transmitted. None of the surrounding noise or wind.