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Gear Review

4 5

Noise can be corrected.

I finally quieted these things down today, and realized I have never reviewed them! I've owned them for a year now and other than the annoying whistle/howl I LOVE THEM! I can just fold them down and go about my business without being one of those silly people with their big J hook carriers up in the air devoid of a boat. These are also a god send for SUVs and taller vehicles. The downside? they are noisy. I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee with sun roof. For optimal strength of setup, my forward bar is above my sun roof, making noise more pronounced. It also prevents me from using a wind fairing if I ever want to operate the sun roof. Perhaps a fairing would reduce the noise, but I found the whistling to be coming from the "hole" formed by the clamp forward of the cross bar. Today I cut some squares of foam and put them in that forward area and reclamped. It is now all but silent up to 55-60 when the light turbulence noise you would expect kicks in. Yatta yatta yatta, I really like this carrier, but I question if the design could not have been improved a little (like the doo-dad that holds your strap in place has a slot cut in it for no good reason, which occasionally allows the strap to fall down; a minor annoyance.) and this is why I give it a 4 and not 5.