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No so much - yet?

Got a great 20% off deal so went for it... at full retail I would turn around and return these immediately... I really want to like them too! Put them on in the house - super comfortable... like wearing slippers! Uh wait, is that what we want on the trail... uh NO!

No arch support at all! Felt every single bigger than average trail rock/object.. Remember, they're slippers - yeah, that's the ticket trail slippers... hmmmm

Well, Imma pony up for better arch supports, but this doesn't work, it's "No Soup for Ju".... I really do want to like them, but if this doesn't work, will return... just sayin...

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I almost got a pair of these due to the sterling reviews "everywhere" (from individuals to "trail related" magazines) but then I read your review and then went on to read some other reviews on Amazon and decided to NOT get them thanks to you (and some Amazon reviewers said that the outer sole did not stand up to wear).