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Gear Review

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No overlap boot for me-

I've been looking for a narrow boot but that means a stiffer flex because you usually have to move up the line of most conventional overlap boot brands. Didn't want too flashy a boot. Saw the First Chair and liked its look. I'm 5'8, 165 lbs and ski bowls and moguls most of the day. Right out of the box, boot was quite uncomfortable (they arrived freezing cold, odly enough, to Houston, TX). Cables were as loose as possible but still tight (like others have mentioned). I actually took off the cable cover to give the cables a little wiggle room. After about an hour the thermo liner started doing it's job. I've replaced the tongue with a #6, I've replaced the middle cable with the next size larger, I've moved the upper cable to the looser setting. I'll get them thermo molded and be ready to ski. Very happy with the purchase. These boots don't come with an insoles but can't see how I could get one in to fit. I wear thin wool race socks with them. I compared my old Lange X9 with this and when the X9 flexes forward, the ankle / forefoot area expands visually. When I flex the Full Tilt I find a nice continuous hold in that area of the boot without the expansion - just what it's suppose to do.