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No need to size up

Actually I agree quite the opposite of sizing up. Yes they at first the band can feel quite tight around the forefoot but they will loosen slightly over time and fit your foot better. I normally wear a 10.5 or 11 in most shoes. I have tried 10's before and my toes were hitting the front of the shoes and I ran the risk of toenail damage. With these I tried them on in the store and I fit perfectly in a 10. That is including with and without socks. I choose thin socks, but socks none the less. My toes are right at the end of the toe box (right where they should be in this type of shoe) but not mashed up against it. I have not used these for very much trail running but I have done street running and some backpacking in them and I could not be more pleased. They are an excellent shoe and I would recommend them to anyone that is looking. I have tried 5 fingers and they gave me pretty significant blisters, and with the fabric between the toes, prevented my digits from splaying out properly because I had to fight the fabric. These are not that case. Tight around the fore-foot and a wide toe box create a very nice atmosphere for my feet. Definitely a 5 star shoe and I have plans to keep buying them each time that the old ones wear out.

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I find these shoes fit true to size. Wearing a thin sock, I just fit my measured 10.5 with only a little bit of room to spare - a perfect fit. I would definitely not recommend anyone size down from their properly measured size.

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Yeah I agree with the buying true to size. I guess I should have been a little more clear. I was not meaning to suggest that everyone should size down but it did work for me in this case. I would say the safest bet would be to find a place that carries them in stock and try them on. I would say though that if you can't get to a store to try them on in person the best bet would be to just buy your normal size.