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Nikwax Tech Wash: Give That Manky Outdoor Clothes Some TLC

The first order of business when I received my bottle of Nikwax Tech was to test was to read the back label to see if it was written in English instead of tech speak. I was happy to see that it's written in a very easy to understand and follow manner. If you've visited the Nikwax website you'll know it's filled with lots of great detailed, technical explanations and science, but it isn't always easy to understand. The awesome Nikwax team is currently creating easy to understand content, diagrams, drawings, explanations and videos, so be looking for those coming soon to the website.

Nikwax Tech Wash is gentle on everything, yet gets the job done. It's a non-detergent cleanser. It helps your outerwear last longer because it is so gentle. I invest in my gear; I take care of my gear. And I don't want a harsh wash wearing it down faster. I wash nearly all my clothes on "delicate" in "delicate" laundry wash, even if they are every day items. So I was stoked that Nikwax's wash would be gentle to my beloved outerwear.

The Tech Wash, unlike most soaps and detergents, doesn't gunk up or block the pores in the jacket, thus keeping breathable clothes breathable. It also take off grime, dirt, and any other substance on the clothes that would mask the DWR (if your jacket had DWR). Since the wash is detergent free, it helps keep your clothes water reppellent, if they are a shell or jacket.

I've been very pleased using this product. It lines up with my "be gentle to my gear" policy. It has de-mankified my outwear, leaving it clean, shiny and looking like new. It's easy to use and is water based, making it "environmentally friendly."

My love for the Tech Wash went as far this past weekend as washing my designer jeans in it while traveling for business. That's how gentle it is. Tech Wash again shined.

Nikwax also stands behind their product to the consumers benefit. If it jacket is damaged during a wash, call Nikwax and they'll replace the jacket. They believe in their product and want to give consumers the piece of mind when using it.

So the next time your outwear is getting all manky, check out a bottle of Tech Wash. It works great in tandom with the Tx Direct, the waterproofer for hardshells.