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Nice shirt, but it just don't fit

I ordered one of these shirts trying to find an answer for hiking on the Southeastern heat and humidity during the summer. The shirt is a nice shirt. UPF 30, loads of vents, and comfortable to wear, however, it just doesn't fit me.

I was between a large and an XL. I have read lots of reviews that stated that this shirt is quite roomy inside, but I have also read reviews in which people state that the sleeves came up a touch short. With this in mind I decided I could deal with sleeves that are a tad short rather than having a shirt that swallowed me up. I went with the large.

The short fits me correctly, however the sleeves are just a little more than a tad short. If I reach out in front of me the sleeves will ride midway up my forearm and then comes to a stop if the cuffs are buttoned. However, I was fine with simply leaving the cuffs unbuttoned.

Now, I did say that the shirt fits me correctly, judging by where the seams hit me along the shoulders. But I have found that the shirt is very baggy. I understand that this is intended to allow for sufficient air flow, but it seems a little excessive to me. And the huge pockets on the front only add to the bulk.

The short sleeves, and the extremely baggy fit kind of push it over the line for me and I believe that I will be returning it for another shirt.

But, saying all of this, I am still impressed with the overall quality and thought which has been put into this shirt. I am really bummed that it just doesn't fit me because I think that it would work out very well for the Southeastern summers...So, for that I give it 4 stars and would still recommend it to others. The only thing I would say is to try and go somewhere in which you could try it on first to be sure it fits you, and then to get the correct size.

Nice shirt, but it just don't fit
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A good bit of information here, but unfortunately, not Chad's height & weight, which would have given us a more accurate reference point concerning the fit of the size large ExOfficio shirt.

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GTB, sorry I did not list this bit of info. For point of reference, I am 5'10" and ~ 195 lbs. However, to be completely honest, I don't find this info to be much helpful since peoples arm lengths vary greatly. As a better point of reference, I wear dress shirts that are 16.5" in the collar and 34-35 in arm length. These fit me as a dress shirt should, which means the sleeves also rides up just a little when my arms are outstretched, however, the ExO shirt was much worse. And this is really sad too because I really wanted to like this shirt... Hope this helps some.