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Nice pot set

For starters, this is a nice steel pot set. Obviously it isn't weightless, but isn't heavy in my opinion. I didn't think it would be, but the grabber is stable. Despite other comments to the contrary, I would NOT use the pot lids for a frying pan. The lids are thin (read: uneven heating) and you can burn food onto the lid. If you are in a pinch, the lid will work as a frying pan, but I would recommend purchasing something designed for that purpose. Overall though, the pots are very nice and worth the investment.

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I second the comment not to use the lid as a frying pan. I tried it and the metal made a bunch of popping sounds as it expanded from the heat, and the flame left a huge scorch mark. I did all my frying (eggs, potatoes, etc.) in the pots themselves.

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If you use the lid as a double-boiler (upside down on a pot of boiling water) and add a little oil or lard, it will work like a champ. It keeps heating even, and of course, won't have direct contact with the flame.