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Gear Review

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Nice little tent

Used this tent in some deep desert wilderness in Arizona and I was pretty happy with it overall. Setup is super quick and easy and the quality of materials seems top notch. I mostly used this tent in hot, dry, windy conditions. This tent is perfect for that because the mesh on top keeps air moving, while the walled sides block wind well if you're sleeping with the fly off (as we did). These walls also help stop dust and sand from blowing into the tent.

My only gripes are that it's a little bit heavier than I'd like for backpacking, the fly doesn't get very taught so it flaps a lot in the wind, the zippers can be a bit of a struggle, and it's a little bit cramped with two in there.

Overall, I quite enjoyed using this tent and I wouldn't hesitate to bring it into the mountains. But I also feel like it might be worth the extra $50 for something a bit more bomber.