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Gear Review

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Nice fit, good helmet

I've ordered a number of different helmets to try, and this one fit the bill. It's not perfect, but it had enough good things to make me decide that this was the one to keep.

Pros: securely fits my head, straps are comfortable and adjustable and the wheel at the back allows me to easily tighten after it's too warm for a hat beneath. It is not as high profile/stands up high from my head as some of the other helmets I've tried. The stickers come off, too. I'm thinking of grabbing some paint and making a cool design of my own since it is a bit on the plain side.

Cons: It is not a super lightweight helmet, although I don't really notice that it's on when I'm wearing it. I'm a bit worried that it will be too warm on a hot summer day as it's black and not as well ventilated as some of the other types.

Overall, it fit the best and was comfortable for me.

Nice fit, good helmet