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Gear Review

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Nice... but wonky sizing

I wanted to like this jacket, I really did. And as a matter of fact I did like it, it was light, super warm, had sweet cuffs that locked your wrists in nicely, and over all had a nice look to it.

Where it fell short was the sizing... I am thoroughly confused by stoics sizing. It varies across pieces, and does not seem to have any rhyme or reason. I have a stoic lo welder in medium, one of the best fitting jackets I have ever owned. Bought this is medium and it had enough room or a whole extra person in the torso (6'1" and 170, thin and lanky). I know, I know, you want dead space to increase thermal effectiveness, but I wanted to wear this primarily under the welder, or by its self, and I was kind of swimming in the thing. Would have loved to return for a small, but they are all out... hopefully I can snag one of the smalls when the restock in the fall.