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Gear Review

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Nice but still not there

I did not take this pack out on the trail but rather bought it and eventually returned it after trying it out indoors only. I am trying to replace some of Dana Gleason's Mystery Ranch packs and I thought this was the ticket. This is definitely lighter than those but not the lightest I have seen. The outside material includes the amazing superfabric which I would have loved to see more of to protect from sharp pointy climbing gear. The other fabrics used on the pack and the seam stitching look tough enough but somehow left me unsure and "unsure" means it's not going to take this very high in the hills with me. The best thing about this pack is the 20-40 system implementation which I hope is added to all packs since it stays trim and neat no matter which deployment. The adjustable harness is a good addition but I prefer how others are implemented. As somebody mentioned, the tool carrying system looks serviceable enough but does promote some unease as to how secure everything is going to be. So this one is a good pack with nice and useful features but with enough questions to make me keep on looking.