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Gear Review

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Nice and Nifty

I bought a pair of 191 skins from here. The service is always great.
The skins perform well compared to the BD Ascensions that I used. The Ascensions had zero glide, but I did not expect much for such a wide ski. I Bought Dynafit's Speedskin and the skin was half the foldable size of BD, 4oz lighter, covered more of the ski, and had reasonable glide for their width. Maybe BD's Mohair skins or combo's may be more cost effective and the glue will be better than Dynafit's which I would rate as moderate.
The Speedskin plush gets dented and scraped when crossing branches and rock on the usual backcountry terrain. I question the long term durability. Also I live in the PNW and I'm not sure how effective the glue will be when it gets soaked. I have toured in colder snow and sun warmed snow and the grip on the uphill seems effective to me. The tip attachment is pretty simple to remove the ski once I figured out the best technique to do that. I'm holding on these and cutting down my BD Ascensions for a narrower board.