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Gear Review

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Nice Rack!

I really like this rack. I added the +2 Add On, so that my rack now holds 4 bikes. This is one of the best racks on the market, because it keeps your bikes from rubbing and bouncing all over each other. It keeps your bikes steady, and it keeps them from falling on the ground.When you convert this rack to the 4 tray version it does become rather heavy, so I keep it attached to my car most of the time. it does Fold up against the back of your car so it isn't really in the way if you don't use your trunk that much. I don't regret for a minute buying this rack, since it is the best bike rack I have ever used.

Oh can carry any shape of bike because of how the arm attaches to the tires rather than the frame. The cable lock only locks the first 2 bikes lock the 2nd 2 bikes you will need a 2nd cable.