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Nice Pipe Gloves

I bought these gloves so I would have a second pair to hit the slopes with. I'm not a fan of large bulky gloves so I've been using pipe gloves for awhile now. Usually, the only problem I have with using pipe gloves is that since they are thinner, you can't really expose them to too much time "in" the snow or else they'll get wet. I have some really cool Burton pipe gloves that always give me this problem. However, I spent a prolonged day in these gloves without having to change over into a second pair. They didn't get wet/soaked and they were warm the whole day. I'm not sure they would hold up to warmth on a severely cold day but you really should wear some insulated gloves for those climates anyway.
So these gloves were tight fitting. I always wear large size gloves but with these, I actually struggle a bit to get my right hand in the glove. You can feel some seems inside the glove due to the type of material but this is preferable to having a really soft glove that soaks up moisture like my Burton Pipe Gloves.
And they look very ninja~!

EDIT: They will certainly not be warming enough for a day with 3 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. If they get a little wet, they will freeze solid in those temps.