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Nice FAK, bad Backcountry service!

Love the FAK. Adventure Medical is awesome. On the other hand, when I received the kit, one of the rehydration packs had popped open inside and powder was everywhere. I have emailed Backcountry TWICE with no response WHATSOEVER! Honestly I just was hoping they could replace the one pack, but I guess they can't be bothered. Five stars for the pack, one star for Backcountry customer service! First time I've ordered from here too. I guess it's the last time as well.

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I'm not trying to blindly stand up for BC but I have had many many many experiences with their customer support and have only encountered the slightest hint of snottiness (sorry guys sometimes your cocky). I have never had an issue returning or having a damaged or incomplete item made whole. I would pick up the phone and call them, or follow this link ( and speak to a rep online.

I'm not affiliated with Backcountry, but they have gone far and beyond to make me happy with my purchases time and time again! Best of luck!

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the guys at backcountry rock. try calling before you send in a product and let them know whats going on,return or replace. their the best in the business as far as customer service and returns.

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Same here, I've never had a problem with BC CS. Always responsive and helpful. Thanks!

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That hasn't been my experience with BC! Make sure the email address is one they actually respond to or that you have the address right. Still no response? CALL!