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Gear Review

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New shape and levers are an improvement

I hate buying shifters because they are priced outrageously considering there isn't much to them and they are the most likely thing to break on the bike.
Even though my old SRAM shifters worked with the amazing SRAM Yaw front derailleur the new SRAM Red removed the trim position and shifts seem snappier both front and rear. +1 star there.
I do applaud the new ergonomics as I have way better brake control riding on the hoods, less shifting/braking interference, and the longer levers naturally fit you hand in the drops. +1 star there
They are also super easy to adjust to hand size and include a gel piece to transition between the bar and shifter that works real nice. +1 star
The shifters come with a set of Gore ride-on professional cables are the best available in my opinion. +1 star there
They are scary light, so light I assume if one of my kids knocks over the bike the shifter is toast. It is also concerning that the lever stick out past the bar so it would be the first thing to hit the ground. +1 star here maybe
Then there is cost; buying these Taiwan shifters at over $600 is silly high when you think you can buy a American Made Fender guitar for $900. But the price is in line with Shimano and Campy and apparently we suckers pay for it. -1 star