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New model

This jacket is now listed at 9.3 oz on the Montbell site, so the stats on the BC site are still last years model. Bummer that they are adding zippers to the pockets on their jackets/parkas. Just added weight, and for what?

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.5 oz makes exactly zero difference on the trail. zippers on pockets are useful for keeping out drafts.

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Caleb, I agree...for those that are not necessarily concerned with weights, but for those that are, it is a big deal. It is such a small difference that it doesn't directly matter...but it is also a step in the wrong direction for a "UL" piece. Before we know it MB will have all sorts of bells and whistles that serve no real purpose on these jackets other than simply adding weight but it will still be called "UL"...

As far as keeping out UL Down Inner parka has the same pockets without a zipper and I have not had any problems with drafts sneaking in them.

So, again, I ask why do they need zippers?

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I agree about the zippers. I've decided to purchase a similar product by a competing manufacturer - the "pullover" variety. I love my UL Down Inner and I think the company has made leaps and bounds in the UL clothing industry, but for my needs they should have kept the style/features of the old jacket.

I can't count how many times I've passed up gear because of half an ounce or how many times I've had to make modifications (which voids most warranties)to shave a few grams.

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sure, if you're wearing it and the load is distributed, but what about in your pack? the consensus is that if all your layers end up having pockets you have 0.5oz * 4 or 6, and 2 to 3 oz in your pack is a lot. So UL should be minimal zipper. if you're so worried about drafts I guess tape them shut or put on a windshell, as is designed to be worn over an insulating jacket anyway.

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I'm still don't buy the u.l. weight-weenie philosophy. i would go so far as to say a pound or two in either direction won't make a lick of difference on the trail, wether it's an overnight or a 2500-mile through-hike.

just be reasonable. is a 50-lb pack too heavy? yup. if im under or around 25 lbs will i be in good shape for pretty much indefinite mileage? yup. an ounce or two here or there is simply irrelevant. counting grams is more of an obsession than a strategy.

with the above in mind, i think the zippers are a reasonable, useful feature that add irrelevant weight, even for the weight-conscious (which I am).

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Whether or not if a pound or two extra will make a bit of difference when on the trail is irrelevant to the fact that they are taking a piece that they specifically call "UL" and adding a bunch of bells and whistles to it. The whole point of being "UL" is to take only what is needed to be safe and comfortable. The zippers on the pocket will not provide me with either safety or comfort, which means that they are pointless, and completely against what "UL" actually is. All I am saying is to call it what it is...

As well, as has been mentioned, it is these little things that will turn some customers away, however, I feel like the "UL" crowd is quite smaller than the traditional crowd, so I don't guess this will affect MB too bad. I myself cut out the bottom hem cord on my MBULDIP since it was not necessary, and it saved me about 0.3 oz. Does it make a huge difference? Nope, not by itself. But after I did this with all the items in my pack, the difference was noticeable.