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New Trident is great...

Got the Kayak and took a couple days to get my stuff set up for it and used it the other day on the James River at Dutch Gap. First stroke of the paddle and it slid through the water like grease. I was really amazed and like not having to stuff my long legs down inside the Yak. It is well made and I've figured out how to use the foam blocks and ties on the suv. Very helpful to have two wheeled dolly to move it on the ground which I do but I am very impressed. This is my third kayak and the longest and most multi purpose. I even got a freshwater fishing license today. I'm leading a group of 7 paddlers on Wednesday with it on Jones Neck's Oxbow which is about a six mile paddle. The others are far more experienced than I am but I am confident I'll learn and keep up just fine. I am most impressed with the Trident which I added a rudder to. As I'm right handed my right side is stronger and the tiny touch of the rudder helps make it track while I learn to paddle equally strongly with both sides. It tracks just fine without the rudder but the rudder gives you that much more control...and in the wind I'm told they really help keep the bow from pointing up but haven't seen that yet. Several bass boats rolled by and left big wakes...easy to take them quartering into them with this Yak, easy. Bow has plenty of buoyancy. click this link to see its first use yesterday.

New Trident is great...
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you may have to cut and paste the link in your browser on this site but the album shows it in the water in use, on my tbss suv which has no roof rack and which Yakima and Thule have NO fittings for as it's a special Corvette powered 4:10 rear end, road racing GM Performance Group