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Gear Review

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Needs good rope management

This is a useful accessory, especially on longer climbs where dropping a tool may turn a nice outing into a mini epic. The new Nomics have a hidden hole in the handle that is designed to accommodate a short loop of cord to which you clip the spinner leash. Unless you are very tall, the length is quite right. However, as noted by other reviews the leash is not that easy to use and has the potential of tangling around ropes and snagging on all sorts of things. You have to be very careful when seconding, as the two cords will find a way to wrap around the top-rope. It is easier on lead, but it is still possible (and quite easy from my own experience) to clip the ice screw over the spinner leash so that the leash will not allow you to move up. It takes a couple of steps to realize that you are tangled in the cords, so downclimbing may be required to sort things out. As these things tend to happen on the steepest and hardest sections (when one tries to get the screw in and clipped fast) it may be a very unpleasant surprise. In short, there is nothing wrong with the product. As always, the more ropes and cords are in use, the more attention should be paid to rope management. If you are sloppy with it, you will hate this product.

Needs good rope management