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Need a stove for alpine climbing?

Wow excellent stove! As fuel efficient as they come. Bought it primarily as a snow melter for bigger alpine climbs but i have also used it for cooking lunch between laps at the local crag and laps in some local back country powder. A complete package plus the pot can be used with any other stove upping the efficiency of that stove. I have also paired it with MSR’s simmer light (which fits inside). That is also a great combo. When cooking soup I have to be right there just because it cooks so quickly. I was doubt full of the of canister stoves use in the winter to melt snow because of disasters in the past. I have melted probably a 100 gallons of water using a Jetboil in the past for winter training and alpine climbing but it has been tedious and quite painful. A waste of time really. Don’t get me wrong the jet boil is a great system and has its place but its place is not as a snow melter. PRO’s: light, legit non stick, aluminum (more heat efficient), works flawless in cold weather, it is a system not just a stove, fuel efficient, pot fits everything including small fuel can, small size, aren’t limited to only use that stove with the pot, pot handle great addition, can buy a super light hanging kit only like 1.5 oz, ability to “strip it down” when going fast and light . CON’s: handle gets tweaked when crammed in those tight alpine packs, fitting the fuel can inside with the stove is awkward, push button igniter is worthless (typical of any stove not specific to this one). This is one of the best “all around” stoves I have ever used and I would highly recommend it. Its fuel efficiency, compact light weight completeness, and efficiency in the cold blow 99% of the stoves on the market out of the water. Plus the whole kit can easily be bought on sale for $100!!!

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im buying one for 45+7shipping on clearance