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Narrow foot? Get em!

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I used to swear by Krypton Pros, but now I've drank the Full Tilt kool aid. After molding the liners and throwing my custom footbeds in, they've exceeded expectations. I got last year's, since my rep gave me a killer deal, but I believe they're the exact same specs. Finally got the chance to open it up on the top of Mammoth, and were unbelievably responsive and crisp. Somehow, they're very light too. In the park, it feels like I can boost bigger and transition/switch up more quickly. Dunno how else to put it...they're unlike any boot I've ever used. Crisp like a race boot but lighter and cushy

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i hav krypton and they don't hold me back enough, same problem,--narrow foot used to swear by flexon raichle , but as u know gone,-- tryin to decide if 1st chair style enough boot for me or need say ,, the seth morrison for a bigger price -, why ?? did u ever try another model ?? i ski fast n hard w/ 45 plus years do 50 + times season thanx

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I gave the seths a shot, but they are too roomy in the toebox for me...not entirely sure why the seths are more expensive, but a couple of my buds have them, and they are big fans. Take heed my fitter said, you either love the way they ski, or you absolutely hate them, so be very absolutely certain that this is the right boot before you make the purchase

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Somehow, I broke the middle buckles on both boots. They stripped out and the slats that hold them to the boot cracked. Not sure if this is a manufacturing flaw, or just hard skiing. That being said, these were the best performing boots I've ever had, and I'm hoping Full Tilt will replace/repair them.