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NUCLEAR Reactor!!

Buy this thing! It boils 2 cups in about 1min and 25sec and 4 cups in 2min and 30-40sec. It is pretty huge, but hey, it's smaller than a Saturn V rocket engine lol. If you nest it with an 8 oz fuel can, don't count on putting much else in there with it. Be careful how you pack it. The folding handle will scar stuff(my platypus) in your pack, if it constantly rubs it. I ended up wraping it in my sham-wow. It is hard to light in wind. Tip: to get it primed(turn red) hold your lighter over it and then move your hand quickly because the excess gas lights first(you can't see it!!). You will see a slight vapor if it lit. Then IMMEDIATELY set the pot on the burner. Once the burner is covered by the pot it will prime on its own.